Because income from it is higher than the spending more than twofold.

Why do entrepreneurs choose contextual advertising?

Because the costs of advertising are easy to control.

Why are creative people choosing contextual advertising?

Because advertising can be set up and you forget about it.

PPC is a textual or image ad that appears on the site, which have the same theme as the ad itself. In other words, ad is in the context of the page.

In Google PPC is situated above the search result. Contextual ads can appear not only on the pages of search engines, but also in the pages of any sites.
Therefore, advertising can be divided into two types: search engine and media. Even on pages of Youtube we can see contextual advertising.

Search contextual advertising meets users’ interests. It can supply the maximum number of people interested in the advertised product or service. Since users are already clearly formulated  their request in the search box. It is the main feature of PPC.

What tasks can be solved with the help of paid search?

1. Customer attraction to unique products, which are needed not for everyone, or for new products, which are needed for everyone, but nobody knows how they are called. For such cases the media type of advertising is suitable.

2. For new sites. Your site is one of the millions, and no one knows about it. Or when you have launched a new project, and want immediate income from it.

3. If your site is selling season articles, or goods that need to sell quickly.

4. The increase in profits. It is quite the thing to everyone, but they are afraid to try PPC. They think that contextual advertising is expensive and inefficient. Effectiveness depends on correct settings of contextual advertising.

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