Short SEO website analysis of our client, who ordered the SEO-optimization. E-commerce site Mail page. What is need to do:

  1. Add the article. The length of the article 2000-2500 thousand symbols. Article is created to optimize the main page for the most important key queries.
  2.  Select appropriate key queries, choose two or three main queries.
  3. Direct entry of a key queries in the title.
  4. Write title and description correctly.

External links. There are three external links on the main page : vkontakte, facebook, youtube. External link should always be opened in a new tab. Thus the visitor will not leaves the site. It is necessary to put no follow and no index. This link should not pass the link juice to the site, refer to. Product Page . Open any product. It should be description for each product. Any page of the site, primarily found in the search because the text. If you intend to obtain a significant share of traffic from search engines, then all the pages of your site should have good quality optimized texts. The text Length 1000-1500 characters. Be sure to registered title, description, alt. Title should not be too long, because it will be truncated by search engines. Site structure. There is no section “Articles” , which is necessary for the promotion of a low and medium frequency queries. There is “News”, but it is empty. In order to optimize your site for certain search queries, you need to post articles and publications. Each publication is optimized for a single keyword. Relinking . It is necessary to make relinking in articles, in goods: in the description of the goods, the reference to other items, or recommend visitors something else to look: related product.