If you think that you are an anonymous in the Internet, think again.

Secret services can learn information about you with the help of the so-called «Web browsing» habits: what we are looking for, where we are checking in, filling out the form. We have become a society where the collection of data is the norm. But it will be general information about you. Your query is part of Google and Yandex statistics. This information search engines provide anyone interested in SEO.

There is another worse situation, when you have downloaded a suspicious program: virus or Trojan. These programs can transfer your personal information to fraudsters, hack your social page, spam your friends and colleagues. Such programs can also remember your entered passwords from Webmoney, credit cards.

If you do not want to pick up the computer virus, you need:

1. In your browser settings to remove check marks from the fields, offering to install programs on default or to remember passwords.

2.  Change the passwords to email, social media and other accounts once in half a year.

3. Make a difficult Wi-Fi password.

4. Install the program CCleaner, which clears the history of the movement in search engines.

5. Install a good anti-virus program with the licensed version.